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Lynda Presta group for 7pm 23rd September


Hi Lynda
Here is your order form Cork Ghost Tour for Saturday 23rd September for 5 adults. The rest will be payable on the night in cash, €180 – €75 = €115 minus any other people outside of your group that comes. But if a lot of other people come, which I doubt this time of year, each individual in your party, will still have to be paid for ( you were hoping for 8 in total, best of luck getting them)
So the max will be €180 in total including this discount and the minimum will be €15 per adult and €12 per child in your party.
I hope that makes sense, it's a bit of a mouthful, but it is the best deal I can offer.
Starting and ending outside the Cork Opera House, on Emmett Place!
The deposit is the only field that I have filled in, so that's the one to go for.
Look forward to seeing you and yours tomorrow night 7pm Sharp on Emmett Place, near the Opera House.
Cork Ghost Tour

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Cork Ghost tour, dark tales from Cork’s past brought to life, slapstick humour and boo scares! There is a great crackle of bones for all!!!

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